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Oster Power Threading Handbook

Troubleshooting Guide

Below is a list of possible conditions you may encounter while in search of perfect threads. Under each condition is a list of possible causes that may be responsible for that condition. Clicking on any of the possible causes will direct you to the relative section in the manual which should explain and help you to resolve said threading issue.

*Indicates no further information necessary

Torn Threads

Wavy Threads

Chattered Threads

Stripping Threads

Off Center Threads

Tapered Threads


Inconsistent Size

Undersized Thread Diameter



Oversized Thread Diameter



Lead Error On Bolt Threads

Taper Changes Over Length Of Thread

Dies Wear Out Quickly

Teeth On Dies Worn Off Or Turned Over

Dies Breaking

Dies Chipping On Teeth

Dies Chipping In Throat

Chips Fusing To Dies

Dies Difficult To Move In Die Head

Dies Will Not Start On Material

Squealing During Cut

Roller Cutter Wheels Breaking

Roller Cutter Cuts A Spiral