Industries Utilizing Oster Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

Oster pipe and bolt threading machines produce exemplary parts for a number of different manufacturing sectors. We specialize in heavy duty long lasting equipment that will withstand the rigorous environment of a production oriented pipe or rod threading application. Oster has machines for the threading of all major thread forms including NPT, NPTF, NPS, NPSF, NPSL, BSPT, BSPP, UNC, UNF, 8UN, 12UN, Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, and ACME. Oster machines are also capable of creating multiple lead threads when called for. Oster Threading Machines also service a variety of different materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Red Brass, Cast Iron, PVC and more. No matter your area of industry if you deal with threaded pipe or threaded rod an Oster threading machine is an investment that will pay off for decades.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Threading Machine

Oster Pipe Threading Machines have long been used by the fire sprinkler fabrication industry. Used in the threading of black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe for installation in fire sprinkler systems Oster threading machines prove to be a reliable workhorse and can thread a skyscraper floor sized lot of pipe in a day with ease.

Anchor Bolt Threading Machine

Oster Bolt Threading Machines are absolute champions when employed in anchor bolt threading applications. Capable of threading NC threads in a single pass and with thread lengths of up to 25” in a single pass Oster bolt threading machines are unparalleled in their field.

Custom Bolt and Rod Threading Machine, Custom Applications

Oster Bolt Threading Machines excel at custom rod threading and niche threaded part manufacturing. With single pass thread cutting regardless of thread length our bolt threading machines outperform lathes in most instances and don’t require a highly trained operator. We also provide engineered thread cutting solutions for custom applications.

Decorative & Plated Pipe Threading Machine

With a variety of different vise jaws available on our rotating diehead threading machines we are able to thread pipe with decorative plating such as chrome. Our special grips prevent chipping or damage to the plating material.


Custom Applications or Technical Questions – Oster is here for you!

When you call Oster Manufacturing there is always a human being on the other end of the line. We have skilled technical and sales experts on hand to take your call. If you’re interested in a machine or tooling for a non-standard threading application we are happy to consult with you on the project and come up with custom engineered solutions to make your project idea a reality. We can make a variety of custom tooling for special projects and keep them in stock for you so you never have to wait when it comes to a difficult project.

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