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Oster Provides High-Performing Threading Machines for Industrial Applications

Long regarded as the pinnacle of production-oriented pipe and bolt threading machines, Landis has been a respected manufacturer in the industry for decades. At Oster, we are pleased to supply high-quality alternative threading equipment and solutions to replace and compete with aging Landis threading machines. We use a customer-based approach to craft all our machines, making them operator-friendly and durable for easy performance. We proudly build our machines and components in house, ensuring unparalleled functionality and longevity for all your threading needs.

For first-rate alternatives for Landis threading machines, Oster is your solution. Contact us today to learn more about our threading equipment and accessories.

Exceptional Alternative for Landis Threading Machines

While Landis threading machines have long been used for industrial threading operations, they are no longer manufactured new and are regularly aging out of operation. Oster’s threading machines are hailed as alternative solutions for Landis equipment. Our machines offer customer-focused results and profitable solutions, and the advantages of Oster’s pipe threading machines speak for themselves.

Die Changing Process

Landis units excel at machining high-volume production runs of the same thread and size. A skilled operator performing a die change on a Landis machine can take upwards of 30-45 minutes. As such, it is common to encounter multiple Landis machines in a gang, adjusted to different pitches, to avoid changeover times and maintain high-volume operations for specific sizes.

At Oster, we wanted the process of changing dies and die heads to be as simple as possible. We created a rotating die head for permanent installation, meaning only the dies need to be changed when adjusting size. You never have to change die holders. Our die changeover process is designed for ease and efficiency, requiring less than 5 minutes of setup before threading can begin again. The simplified setup process allows for rapid changes and easy operator handling, all with one threading machine.

Production of Threading Machines & Components

Landis threading machines are known for durability, evidenced by the halting of machine production over two decades ago. Oster is proud to confirm that our industrial threading machines have matched that durability, as we regularly supply components for machines that have been in consistent operation for over 75 years, and we still make and stock the parts.

In addition, we continue to manufacture new machines and components with no intention of slowing down. In fact, we’ve been growing year after year since we inherited Oster in 1997. Producing our own machines has allowed us to continually evaluate and upgrade our products, providing only the best threading machines.

Product Availability

Many Landis die sets are made-to-order, beneficial for extremely precise components, but with up to a 12-week waiting period. At Oster, we pride ourselves on product availability and fast deliveries to reduce your waiting time and help your operations succeed. We maintain a constantly supplied inventory of dies, while keeping 2 years’ production worth of machine parts on our shelves. Our customer-oriented approach ensures we can supply threading machines and accessories anytime. We’ll craft what you need and then some, ensuring the smooth production and delivery of your machines or components. At Oster, we are dedicated to providing precisely what you need when you need it.

Why Choose Oster?

With over 130 years of experience, Oster has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with high-performance threading machines and Superior results. Our user-friendly machines are designed to help your operations succeed, and our secondary services are centered around customer support and service. Our threading handbook is an extensive guide to industrial threading, and our trained specialists are prepared to provide support, answer questions, and offer solutions to all clients.

Quality is our highest priority, and we strive to work with you directly to ensure the best solutions for your needs. Our manufacturing capabilities are strictly reserved for Oster products, and we maintain high standards to guarantee product durability, longevity, and precision. Additionally, we perform comprehensive refabrication services to strengthen and refresh your Oster machine to its fullest potential. As a privately owned company, we always put you and your needs first.

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If you’re interested in a machine or tooling for a non-standard threading application, we are happy to consult with you on the project. We can create custom engineered solutions to make your project idea a reality. We also manufacture a variety of custom tooling for special projects and keep them in stock for you. Never wait for tooling for a difficult project again.

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