Pipe Threading Machine User Guide – Safety Notes

Pipe Threading Machine Safety


  • Always read the instruction manual for your pipe threading machine completely before attempting to operate the machine. Understand all of the control devices for your machine and manually operate them to familiarize yourself with where they are and how they work.
  • Always wear suitable eye protection when operating a pipe threading machine. Cutting fluids and chips can fly out of the machine at high speeds. These can cause damage to your eyes if they are not properly protected.
  • Always use a brush to clean chips out of the die head. The chips that are in the die head can be very sharp and can cause injury.
  • Always use a chip hook made of wire or other material to remove the chips from the chip pan. The long stringy chips that are generated by chaser type threading operations are very sharp and strong. They can cut or penetrate your skin easily resulting in injury. Wear gloves if possible, but ensure that the inside of the gloves remain clean or are changed regularly.
  • Always report any injury and have it treated properly. This will reduce the chance of infection.
  • Always clean up oil spills promptly or cover them with sand or absorbent clay. Slips and falls around machinery can result in serious injury.
  • Always insure that long lengths of material being threaded are supported by a stand or other device.


  • Never contaminate the cutting fluid with materials which are flammable. Never use flammable fluids to clean the machine or the parts you are threading. If you are using a cutting fluid which tends to oxidize or turn rancid, we suggest you change to another type, or make sure that the fluids are changed regularly. Bacteria or algae growth in cutting fluids can cause infection and increase the risk of contact dermatitis.
  • Never wear loose-fitting clothing around the machine, and insure that long hair cannot come in contact with rotating parts of the machine or work piece. Keep sleeves buttoned, shirts tucked in and hair retained. Never wear any necktie that does not have a safety breakaway around rotating machinery.


  • Ensure that the threading machine is set up in a level, stable place that has a clear area around it which will allow safe material handling. Keep tools in a place where they cannot fall, and material to be threaded in a stable storage area. If tools or material fall while you are threading, foot injuries may result. If you try to catch a falling item, you could sustain a back injury.
  • Ensure that helpers and others in the area understand what you are doing and how to be safe around the operation.
  • Ensure that the electrical system feeding the machine is properly sized for the job, and that it is properly grounded. Make certain the electrical maintenance is performed by qualified personnel who understand the controls for the machine.
  • Ensure that the correct number of chasers are inserted in the proper order in the die head. Make certain that the chasers are properly sharpened. Do not attempt to run the machine with broken chasers.

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