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Oster Pipe Threaders for Fire Sprinkler Pipe Manufacturing

Oster has worked with fire sprinkler fabricators for as long as modern sprinkling systems have existed. We manufacture various pipe threading machines utilized extensively in threading fire sprinkler pipes. Steel pipe is the most common material used for fire sprinkler systems and is widely considered the most effective and durable solution for a reliable fire sprinkling system. Threaded unions are a proven solution for efficiently and reliably joining steel pipes within fire sprinkler systems. Oster is the best choice for pipe threading machines in the fire sprinkler industry.

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Benefits of Oster Threading Machines for Fire Sprinkler Pipe Fabrication

Oster pipe threading machines are the most durable, long-lasting, and high-production machines in our class. Our industrial pipe threaders are reliable, accurate, and retain high-performance standards for decades. We also have one of the highest production rates for dedicated pipe threading machines in our field, with the Oster 792ALX capable of threading up to 200 ends per hour on half-inch pipe. A single 792ALX machine can easily thread an entire skyscraper floor’s worth of pipe in a day. The X1 rotating diehead offers faster production rates than conventional threading machines by eliminating the need to start and stop the spindle between workpieces.

Additional benefits of Oster’s 792ALX threading machine for fire sprinkler pipe fabrication include:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Interchangeable
  • Precise threading accuracy
  • Works with high-production pipe
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Manufactured in the USA

Steel Pipe is Superior to CPVC for Fire Sprinkler Applications

With a very high melting point, steel pipe can withstand extremely high temperatures in burning structures, making it the preferred material for fire sprinkler systems. In contrast, CPVC fire sprinkling systems have been criticized for being vulnerable to environmental stress cracking, leaks, and complete failure when exposed to incompatible materials. The lack of durability in CPVC systems requires careful installation and continuing education and re-certification to avoid mistakes and system failures.

Obtaining proper testing and certification of CPVC fire sprinkling systems can be challenging due to the significant risks involved at every stage of the process. A growing number of CPVC manufacturers have stopped certifying their products for use in fire sprinkling systems under specific testing conditions. Steel fire sprinkler systems can eliminate many risks associated with CPVC systems, providing compatibility and dependability.

While CPVC may initially appear more cost-effective, the long-term risks and liabilities typically outweigh any short-term savings. Using steel threaded pipes for your fire sprinkler systems eliminates the risks identified with CPVC systems. Steel fire sprinkler architecture provides the peace of mind that your system is compatible and dependable.

The Best Choice for Fire Sprinkler Pipe Threading Fabrication

Oster pipe threading machines are designed to thread large quantities of steel pipe required for threaded fire sprinkler pipe installations. Our history of maximum reliability and long-lasting equipment has made the Oster brand synonymous with quality in the pipe threading industry. Our pipe threading machines are robust and durable, outlasting and outperforming similar machines on the market. Instead of dealing with breakdowns and machine repairs, our premium pipe threading equipment allows you to maximize production.

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