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Oster Pipe Threaders for Fire Sprinkler Manufacturing

Pipe Threading Machines – Useful for the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Oster has worked hand in hand with fire sprinkler fabricators for as long as modern sprinkling systems have existed. We manufacture a variety of pipe threading machines that are utilized to great effect in the threading of fire sprinkler pipe. Steel pipe is the most common material used in the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems. We believe steel pipe is also the most effective and durable solution for a reliable fire sprinkling system and threaded unions are a proven solution for joining steel pipe within that system. Oster pipe threading machines are the most durable, long lasting and high production machines you will find in our class. When looking for a pipe threading machine for use in the fire sprinkler industry Oster is the best choice.

Steel Pipe is superior to CPVC for use in Fire Sprinkler Applications

Steel pipe is the most widely used material for fire sprinkler systems for good reason. There are several factors that make steel pipe preferable to CPVC when used in fire sprinkling configurations. Steel pipe has a melting point in the range of 2,700°F and is able to withstand the temperatures sustained in a burning structure. Additionally CPVC fire sprinkling systems have come under criticism for a variety of other reasons. Unlike threaded steel fire sprinkler systems, CPVC systems are made vulnerable by a host of frequently encountered incompatible materials. Exposure to such materials including cologne, dishwashing liquids, cooking oils and WD-40 among others can cause environmental stress cracking, leaks and even complete failure of the sprinkling system during a fire.

Additionally CPVC systems suffer from lacking the same durability as threaded steel pipe. Once installed great caution has to be taken to ensure that no improper contact is made with the installed fire sprinkling system. Actions that seem innocuous can cause failure of the system years later. This also leads to a more difficult installation. Constantly changing complex guidelines require continual education and re-certification to maintain proper knowledge and avoid easily made mistakes that result in improper seals and costly system leaks or failures.

For the reasons stated above it can be difficult to procure proper testing and certification of CPVC fire sprinkling systems. A growing number of CPVC manufactures have stated that they will no longer certify their product for use in fire sprinkling systems under certain testing conditions.  At every point in the process there are considerable risks involved with CPVC fire sprinkling systems that you are far less likely to encounter when using steel pipe fire sprinkling systems.

When using steel fire sprinkler systems many of the risks identified with CPVC systems can be fully eliminated. Steel fire sprinkler architecture gives you the peace of mind that your system is compatible and dependable. There is a reason that steel has been the material of choice since the advent of modern fire sprinkling technology. CPVC may appear to be a more cost effective choice up front, but the long term risks and liability may outweigh any short term savings.

Oster Pipe Threaders – The best choice for fire sprinkler pipe threading

When regularly threading the large quantities of steel pipe required for threaded fire sprinkler pipe installations Oster pipe threading machines are an ideal tool for the application. Oster pipe threading machines are built to last in a production environment for decades. If you are tired of rebuilding or replacing portable style pipe threading machines that simply aren’t designed to withstand a factory production environment, Oster is the logical choice. Our history of maximum reliability and long lasting equipment has made the Oster brand name synonymous with quality in the pipe threading industry. Our pipe threading machines will outlast and outperform the competition so instead of dealing with a breakdown you can get the order out on time and avoid costly delays. We also have one of the highest production rates for dedicated pipe threading machines in our field. The Oster 792ALX is capable of threading up to 200 ends per hour on half inch pipe. A single 792ALX machine has been shown to thread an entire skyscraper floor’s worth of pipe in a day with ease.

If you are interested in talking to an Oster representative about which machine would be best for your facility please contact us or if you already know which model you are interested in feel free to request a quote.


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