Oster 716 - Factory Floor 6” Capacity Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

Oster 716 Machine
Standard Pipe Range 1" to 6"
Standard Bolt Range 1" to 4"


General Specifications

Spindle Speeds, Variable 12-18-29-43
Carriage Travel 18.5"
Length 81"
Width 35"
Height 58"
Net Weight 3160 lbs.
Shipping Weight 3550 lbs.

The Most Versatile & Rugged 6” Threading Machine

Quality built to give reliable performance 24 hours a day, day in and day out. The Bedways and Carriage are hand scraped for accurate alignment and the Precision Spindle revolves in "Timken" tapered roller bearings. When required, this machine can be moved without fear of disturbing this precision alignment

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Heavy Duty Tool Steel Dies

Heavy Duty M2 Steel Dies are economical, segmental type, held in massive holders for stability. Dies can be reground any one segment can be matched with the set. One set of holders and dies thread all pipe sizes right hand, of the same pitch, without change.

Never a Diehead Change for the Oster 716 Threading Machine

A single, quick-opening, ruggedly built diehead covers entire range of the No. 716 Machine.

Cut-off, Reaming & Chamfering

A cross rail is mounted on rear of die-head and contains a block holding both the lathe type cut-off and the chamfer tool. A swing type reamer does a thorough job of removing the burr from the inside of pipe.

Accessories for the Oster 716 Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

Victaulic Type Grooving Tool Attachment

These Tools automatically insure correct depth, width and distance from pipe end for Victaulic Grooving applications. Available as extra equipment with the No. 784 Machine.

Rear Gripping Chuck

No. 02969 replaces rear centering chuck, wrenchless - three flange jaws - universal gripping.

Additional Accessories for the Oster 716 Threading Machine

No. 6 Nipple Chuck, Adjustable Pipe Supports, OSTO – Oster’s Superior Threading Oil

Standard Equipment Furnished

  • Motor - 5hp., 1200 rpm., 3 phase, 60 Hz. 230 or 460 volts. (Motors of other specifications available.)
  • Motor Control - REVERSING magnetic starter and push button station, with safety 120V control circuit at machine controls.
  • Dieheads - ONE, adjustable to handle all sizes in standard range - 1" to 6" pipe.
  • Die Holders - TWO sets to cover standard pipe range. One set 1" - 2", one set 2.5" - 6".
  • Dies - TWO sets, High Speed Steel, to cover standard pipe range - 1" to 6" (Symbol 704-6).
  • Reamer - Swing-type.
  • Cut-Off Device - Lathe style, blade type cut-off tool with double V block centering device.
  • Chamfer Tool - Lathe type, mounted in cut-off block.
  • Front Chuck - Three-jaw, universal gripping.
  • Rear Centering Chuck - Universal centering, hand wheel operated.
  • Gage - Direct reading DRUM type, mounted on carriage handwheel.
  • Oil Pump - Centrifugal, self contained motor drive.
  • Oil - Thread cutting, TEN gallons-Oster "BESTOIL".


Let Us Answer Your Custom Applications or Technical Questions

Get technical support from pipe and bolt threading machine experts. When you call Oster Manufacturing there is always a human being on the other end of the line. We have skilled technicians and sales experts on hand to take your call.

If you’re interested in a machine or tooling for a non-standard threading application, we are happy to consult with you on the project. We can create custom engineered solutions to make your project idea a reality. We also manufacture a variety of custom tooling for special projects and keep them in stock for you. Never wait for tooling for a difficult project again.

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