Oster 792LX/794LX Industrial Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines-2" Capacity

Oster 792



Bolt Range

1/4" to 2"

Pipe Range

1/8" to 2"


General Specifications


Spindle Speeds, Variable

20-210 RPM

Maximum thread length, no re-grip


Net Weight

900 lbs.

Shipping Weight

1040 lbs.


The Oster 700LX series of bolt and pipe threading machines offers you an energy-efficient, easy to use, heavy-duty threader. As a versatile threading machine, the Oster 792LX features slide-in tools and an optional blade-type cut-off. Efficient and quick, the Oster 794LX features swing-over tools and carriage for easy pipe threading, reaming, and cut-off. Our LX bolt threading machines are high-production, heavy-duty machines. Ideal for all your threading machine needs. Each model has a variable frequency drive capable of RPM between 0-200.

Oster pipe and bolt threading machines are made and manufactured in the US. Our commitment to quality and reliability has made us a trusted threading manufacturer for over 125 years. The longevity of our threading machines reflects our equipment design and performance capabilities. Oster pipe and bolt threading machines are built to last.

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792LX With Quad II Slide-In Head

The 792LX is supplied with the Quick Opening Quadversal Die Head as standard equipment, but it can be supplied with the "Automatic Opening" Die Head. Both types use Quad Dies, have a Blade Type Reamer and a quick open-close die adjustment lever for easy, fast die changing.

Bolt Range 1/4" to 2"
Pipe Range 1/8" to 2"


General Specifications

Spindle Speeds, Variable 20-210 RPM
Maximum thread length, no re-grip 12.5"
Net Weight 900 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1040 lbs.

Oster 794 – Conversion to Swing-Over Die Head Tooling

The 794LE comes with the Quick Opening, Swing-Over Die Head as standard equipment but can be furnished with the "Automatic Opening" version. Both types use Oster Quad Type Dies and a quick open-close die adjustment lever for easy, fast die changing. The machine incorporates a swing-over, self centering roller cutter and detachable blade reamer.

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792LX Threading Machine Cut-Off Accessories

No. 02394 Blade Type Cut-Off

A self Centering, Blade type Cut-Off that produces a clean square cut with minimum burr.

Additional Accessories for the 792LX Threading Machine

No. 200 Nipple Chuck, Adjustable Stock Supports

Other LX Threading Machine Series Features

  • Easy to Read Digital RPM Display
  • Taper Roller Bearing Mounted Spindle
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Mounted Worm Shaft
  • Flat Ways
  • Fabricated Steel Construction
  • Patented Chuck Jaw Inserts

Dark Thread Cutting Oil for Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines

Keep threads cool and reduce friction with Oster’s Superior Threading Oil (“OSTO”) dark thread cutting oil. Our high-quality dark thread cutting oil increases the life of your die and ensures perfect threads every time. OSTO outperforms competitors every time, preventing chip welding and formulated to have a vise-like grip on the work material. Best of all, OSTO features an infinite shelf life and never goes bad or breaks down during the threading process.

Production Speed Studies for Pipe Threading Machines

Pipe Threading

Pipe Size 1/2" x 6" lg. 1/2" x 2' lg. 1/2" x 10' lg. 1" x 6" lg. 1" x 2' lg. 1" x 10' lg. 2" x 6" lg. 2" x 2' lg. 2" x 10' lg.
Pieces per hour 122 98 76 110 88 67 80 74 58

Standard Equipment Furnished for the 792/794 LX Series Threading Machine

  • Motor - 5 H.P., 3 phase, 240 or 480 Volt. (Higher voltage will require the installation of a separate step up transformer).
  • Motor Control - Variable frequency type with forward and reverse and potentiometer for speed control.
  • Carriage - Slide Type with Feed Lever
  • Diehead - ONE, QUADVERSAL QUICK-OPENING type - capacity 1/8" thru 2" pipe, 1/4" - 2" bolt - 792LX Slide-In type, Swing-Over on the 794LX
  • Dies - TWO sets High Speed Steel Pipe Dies(Symbol Quad) Right-Hand, 1 set (1/2" and 3/4"), 1 set (1" thru 2").
  • Reamer - Detachable, Blade type
  • Cutter - Roller type, self centering. (Blade type available at extra cost - Slide-In carriage Only).
  • Front Chuck - Fast, Positive! Grips in both right and left hand direction. Equipped with patented self actuated replaceable jaw inserts.
  • Rear Centering Chuck - Rotating Type - scroll actuates 3 guides simultaneously.
  • Gage - Graduated scale bar and thread length gage.
  • Oil Pump - 115 Volt Gusher Pump internally relieved, with status light
  • Oil - Thread cutting, FIVE gallons - Oster "OSTO".

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Our 794LE threading machine video includes a basic operational overview.


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