Oster 582A Portable Pipe Threading & Bolt Threading Machine

Featuring the X1 Style Rotating Diehead

Oster 582A
Bolt Range 1/4" to 2"
Pipe Range 1/8" to 2"


General Specifications  
Height(machine only) 25"
Width(machine only) 25"
Length(machine only) 43"
Net Weight(machine only) 521 lbs.
Shipping Weight(machine only) 646 lbs.


The Best portable 2" threading machine with a revolving die head on the market. Excels when threading pre-cut or pre-formed stock.

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Semi-Automatic Rotating Diehead

Open construction of head permits chips to fall away as thread is being cut. The yoke actuated by the movement of the vise carriage automatically controls the opening and resetting of the die-head. Head is fully adjustable for over and undersize thread.

Fast Acting, Self-Centering Vise Carriage for the Oster 582A Threading Machine

This smooth working vise permits easy loading, insures positive gripping and automatic centering.

Accessories for the Oster 582A Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

No. 03193 Wheel Stand

A machine wheel stand offers complete mobility with pneumatic tires and a locking compartment for convenient storage of tooling and accessories.


Reaming and Chamfering Attachments

A reamer or a combination reaming and chamfering tool are available for the machine

Additional Accessories

Bolt and Pipe dies, Nipple and stud Grips, Ream and chamfer Tools and Adjustable Pipe Support.

Standard Equipment Furnished

  • Motor - 2 H.P. single phase (three phase optional at additional cost) 50/60 Hz (Specify) (single-phase - specify 115 or 230 volt, three phase - specify 230 or 460 volt), with variable speed drive (speeds selectable 22 through 58 RPM).
  • Switch - Heavy duty, reversing. Safety foot switch optional, operator must have foot on this switch for machine to operate.
  • Die Head Control - Semi-automatic tripping and resetting device with emergency hand trip.
  • Die Head - ONE, revolving, semi-automatic, adjustable type, LESS ALL DIES. (Use Symbol Oster X-1 dies.)
  • Vise - Quick-acting, opening type, with hardened steel insert gripping jaws and auxiliary jaws for diameters under 1/2"
  • Stock-Stop - Automatic, adjustable.
  • Gage - Sliding type for thread length.
  • Oil Pump - Reversible, vane type with relief valve.
  • Oil - Thread cutting, FIVE gallons - Oster "BESTOIL".

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