No. 95105 – 5 Gallon Bucket        No. 95105 – 5 Gallon Bucket


Dark Thread Cutting Oil

Extend the life of your dies with high-quality, heavy-duty dark thread cutting oil. Dark thread cutting oil is ideal for thread cutting steel rods and pipes. Keep threads cool and reduce friction with our OSTO threading oil.

“OSTO”- Oster’s Superior Threading Oil dominates the competition. For many years Oster “Bestoil” was our favored choice, but a few years ago we felt it was not as high performing as it could be. We dug through our old records and rediscovered the old formula. We went back to basics and increased the sulfur, chlorine, and animal fat content to provide a thread cutting oil that is densely packed with active agents. Compare “OSTO” to Oster “Bestoil” 95116 and 95117 or other competitors and our OSTO dark thread cutting oil out-performs the rest.

If you have questions regarding our OSTO dark thread cutting oil, please contact us or call us at 1-800-416-7837.

Benefits of Using “OSTO” Oster's Superior Thread Cutting Oil

  • INCREASES DIE LIFE. By enabling you to use your threading dies longer, with fewer resharpenings, it increases profits.
  • ENSURES PERFECT THREADS. You get sharp, clean cut threads, every time, when you use “OSTO” thread cutting oil.
  • PREVENTS CHIP WELDING. Our special formula ensures proper metal film lubrication and prevents chip waste from fusing to the tooling surface. This prevents tool wear and breakage.
  • CLING IS KING. Formulated to have a vise-like grip on the work material, our threading oil ensures that the cutting surface is always lubricated, and tooling is flooded with coolant.
  • INFINITE SHELF LIFE. ”OSTO” never goes bad and doesn’t break down during the threading process.

Advantages of Good Thread Cutting Oil

The purpose of a good cutting oil is two-fold:

(1) To prevent chip welding and prevent breaking teeth

(2) To penetrate the pores of the pipe or metal and cool the cutting teeth of the dies or cutting edge of the tool while they are embedded in the work. Oster’s Superior Threading Oil accomplishes both in the most efficient manner.

The OSTO Thread Cutting Oil Difference

  • Our thread cutting oil is a carefully compounded oil containing sulfur, chlorinated paraffin and special clinging agents held in permanent suspension.
    • These chemicals in proper concentration work to both cool the work and to promote metal film lubrication which reduces chip welding.
  • “OSTO” will outperform any synthetic because it has anti-chip welding agents and better adhesion to the material surface.
    • The sulfur content of “OSTO” never varies because it is held in perfect chemical combination.

Why Water Soluble Won't Work for Thread Cutting Fluids 

Many products claim to be the ultimate in cutting fluids, but most are not. Radial thread-cutting is not your run-of-the-mill operation and radial pipe and bolt threading machines require a more robust solution than average coolants. Because our machines are so simple to operate, it is sometimes easy to forget about the extreme forces involved in radial thread-cutting. Water soluble solutions do not work, and neither will new clear “oils” you might see on the shelf elsewhere.

A heavy-duty operation requires a heavy-duty cutting fluid. For quality threads and longer die life - Always use “OSTO.”

Applications for Dark Threading Oil

  • Pipe Threading Oil
  • Bolt Threading Oil
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Threading
  • Stainless Steel Bolt Threading
  • Drilling Lubricant
  • Tapping Fluid
  • Broaching
  • Metal Cutting

Order the Best High-Quality Thread Cutting Oil Today

With 125 years of threading innovation and excellence, Oster sets the standard for high-quality industrial pipe and bolt threading machines. Our dark thread cutting oil offers you the performance and quality you’ve come to expect from Oster.

Discuss your thread cutting oil needs with us or request a quote today.


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