RIDGID Threading Machine Alternative

Oster is Your Trusted Provider of High-Quality Industrial Grade Threading Machines

For high-performance bolt and pipe threading machines you can trust, Oster is your solution. We are a proud alternative to RIDGID threading machines, supplying production-oriented equipment that lasts generations. Our machines are created with a customer-centric focus, and we prioritize durability and long-lasting performance. Increase your production speeds and reduce downtime and maintenance issues with Oster threading machines.

With over 130 years of industry experience, Oster has the expertise and solutions you need. Contact us today for more information about our pipe threading machines and accessories.

Choose Oster for First-Rate Alternatives to RIDGID Machines

Reduce time spent rebuilding and maintaining RIDGID pipe threading machines by choosing Oster. We use an artisan mindset to craft reliable equipment which yields fast and precise results. Oster-built threading machines are regularly used for more than 30 years in production environments, and after their first phase of life we have rebuilt units in the field that have been producing parts for over 20 years after being rebuilt. Our threading machines offer unique advantages and benefits to ensure long-term success for your operations.

Permanent Quick-Change Die Head

Changing dies and sizes for various operations has never been easier. At Oster, our machines feature quick change-over dieheads. On our conventional threaders you can quickly change dies, or for an even quicker size-change just change out the slide-in dieheads. On our rotating diehead machines only the dies need to be swapped when changing sizes, there is never a need to change die holders. While other machines can take up to 45 minutes to replace dies and die holders and adjust sizes, changing dies and die heads for Oster machines can be achieved in under 5 minutes, saving valuable time to devote to your other operations.

Operator-Friendly Design

Our operator-friendly machines are designed for simplicity. With equipment like the 792ALX threading machine able to thread up to 200 pipe ends in one hour, you shouldn’t have to devote excessive time to learning operations. Easy-to-operate bolt and pipe threading machines from Oster allow you to learn all the basics in under 30 minutes and quickly get up to speed on your Oster machine. With fast production times, reliable construction, and far less required maintenance and rebuilding, Oster threading machines pay for themselves in no time.

Contact Us Today for Quality RIDGID Threading Machine Alternatives

Oster has been manufacturing and supplying top-quality bolt threading machines for various industries since 1893. We provide premium alternative solutions and are a leading choice for replacing or upgrading from your RIDGID threading machine. Whether you’re looking for a more durable machine, a faster solution, or both, Oster has what you need.

Contact us to learn more about specialized bolt threading machines, or request a quote and switch to Oster now! 

Let Us Answer Your Custom Applications or Technical Questions

Get technical support from pipe and bolt threading machine experts. When you call Oster Manufacturing there is always a human being on the other end of the line. We have skilled technicians and sales experts on hand to take your call.

If you’re interested in a machine or tooling for a non-standard threading application, we are happy to consult with you on the project. We can create custom engineered solutions to make your project idea a reality. We also manufacture a variety of custom tooling for special projects and keep them in stock for you. Never wait for tooling for a difficult project again.

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