Oster 784

Standard Pipe Range 3/8" to 4"
Extra Pipe Range* 1/4"
Standard Bolt Range 1/2" to 3"
Extra Bolt Range* 3/8" to 11/16"


General Specifications  
Spindle Speeds, Variable 16-23-35-51
Carriage Travel 15"
Length 5' 9"
Width 3' 5"
Height 4' 4"
Net Weight 1950 lbs.
Shipping Weight 2300 lbs.

Oster 784 Industrial Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine-4" Capacity

The Oster 784 threading machine is the most versatile and rugged 4” pipe threading machine you will encounter. Designed and built as a 4" capacity threading machine, this is not an oversized version of a 2" machine. Its quality construction, versatility, and outstanding performance in the shop or on the job have long made it the standard of the industry. Used for applications where production quantities, work size, or thread quality are the primary consideration.

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General Specifications  
Spindle Speeds, Variable 16-23-35-51
Carriage Travel 15"
Length 5' 9"
Width 3' 5"
Height 4' 4"
Net Weight 1950 lbs.
Shipping Weight 2300 lbs.


Standard Pipe Range 3/8" to 4"
Extra Pipe Range* 1/4"
Standard Bolt Range 1/2" to 3"
Extra Bolt Range* 3/8" to 11/16"





Advantages of the Oster 784 4” Capacity Threading Machine

Besides being rugged and versatile, the Oster 784 pipe threading machine also offers the following benefits:

  • Heavy-duty capabilities.
  • Dies cut Full Taper on 2” Pipe, wider than Ridgid Dies
  • Large Heavy Duty Dies for 2.5” – 4”
  • Can pipe between 0.5in-4in, bolts 5/8” to 3”
    • Gripping option can go down to 1/8” pipe ¼” bolt with auxiliary gripping chuck
    • Fully fabricated base, cast iron carriage, precision machined parts

Oster 784 Threading Machine Thread Sizes

Thread form capabilities for the Oster 784 pipe threader include:

  • NPT (National Pipe Taper)
  • NPTF (National Pipe Taper-Fuel, Dryseal)
  • NPS (National Pipe Straight)
  • NPSL (National Pipe Straight-Locknut)
  • BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper)
  • BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel)
  • UNC (Unified Coarse Pitch Threads, NC- National Coarse)
  • UNF (Unified Fine Pitch Thread, NF- National Fine)
  • Metric Bolt Course
  • Metric Bolt Fine
  • ACME
  • Right and Left Hand Threads

Considerations for the Oster 784 Pipe Threading Machine

  • The Oster 784 threading machine must be operated by a person, no special training or skills required
  • The ability for automation of this machine is low 

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Features of the Oster 784 Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

Cut-Off, Reaming & Chamfering

The Lathe type Cut-Off and Chamfer Tools are cross rail mounted on the back of the Die Head. The easy operating Reamer is of the swing type.

Lever Operated Dieheads that Cover the Entire Pipe and Bolt Range

Two quick-opening, removable, lever operated die heads cover the entire pipe and bolt range. Both have a positive locking device and means for adjusting all dies simultaneously for over or undersize threads. Quick, easy die change from one size to another makes them particularly desirable where a variety of sizes are to be threaded.

Quad Head Slide

The No. 784 is equipped with one No. 03852 quick-opening die head with one set of Symbol QUAD high speed steel pipe dies for 1" thru 2" plus the No. 03590 Die Head and a single set of symbol 74 high speed steel pipe dies to thread all sizes 2.5" thru 4".

Oster 74 Diehead

Motor Control for Threading Machines

Magnetic starter and push button station with REVERSING control. A JOG - RUN selector switch allows a means for jogging the spindle to facilitate shifting gears. 230/460V input is converted to 120V at the machine control for the operator's safety.

784 Headstock

Motor Mount & Transmission

Motor is mounted on an adjustable plate, driving through three "V" belts which, in turn, drive a selective gear-type transmission. The "V" belts cushion shocks and make for quiet, smooth operation. All shafts are ball bearing mounted.

784 Motor Mount

Standard Equipment Furnished with the Oster 784 Threading Machine

  • Dieheads - Two die heads. One for sizes up to 2", and the other for sizes 2-1/2" to 4".
  • Dies - Two sets to cover standard pipe range, 1" thru 4". RIGHT Hand Only. ONE set high speed steel Symbol QUAD Dies (1" thru 2") and one set high speed steel Symbol 74 Dies (to thread all sizes 2-1/2" thru 4"). Left Hand Thread can also be produced using optional Die Head and Dies.
  • Reamer - Swing-type.
  • Cutter - Lathe style, blade type cut-off tool with double V block centering device.
  • Chamfer Tool - Mounted in cut-off block.
  • Front Chuck - Wrenchless, three-jaw, universal gripping.
  • Rear Centering Chuck - Wrenchless, three-jaw, universal centering.
  • Motor - 5hp., 1800 rpm., 3 phase, 60 Hz. 230 or 460 volts. (Motors of other specifications available.)
  • Motor Control - REVERSING magnetic starter and push button station, with safety 120V control circuit at motor controls.
  • Gage - Direct reading DRUM type, mounted on carriage hand wheel.
  • Oil Pump - "V" Belt driven, by drive motor.
  • Oil - Thread cutting, TEN gallons-Oster "OSTO".

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Accessories for the Oster 784 Threading Machine

Victaulic Type Grooving Tool Attachment

These Tools automatically insure correct depth, width and distance from pipe end for Victaulic Grooving applications. Available as extra equipment with the No. 784 Machine.

Rear Gripping Chuck

No. 02969 replaces rear centering chuck, wrenchless - three flange jaws - universal gripping.

Additional Accessories for the Oster 784 Threading Machine

No. 200 Nipple Chuck, No. 4 Nipple Chuck

Dark Thread Cutting Oil for Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines

Keep threads cool and reduce friction with Oster’s Superior Threading Oil (“OSTO”) dark thread cutting oil. Our high-quality dark thread cutting oil increases the life of your die and ensures perfect threads every time. OSTO outperforms competitors every time, preventing chip welding and formulated to have a vise-like grip on the work material. Best of all, OSTO features an infinite shelf life and never goes bad or breaks down during the threading process.

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Watch a Video of the Oster 784 Threading Machine

oster 784 video

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