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Anchor Bolt Threading Machines

Bolt threading machines are used to create threads on the end of bolts and rods. These machines use cutting dies to cut grooves into the material, creating a threaded pattern. Bolt threading machines are frequently used to create structural anchor bolts, which securely attach structures to concrete or other substrates. The bolts are crafted from high-strength structural steel and are threaded on one end to allow easy installation into pre-drilled holes. Using bolt threading machines ensures that structural bolts are precisely threaded to the correct size and pitch, resulting in a secure and long-lasting connection.

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Anchor Bolt Threading Machines for Structural Steel Applications

In modern construction, anchor bolts are crucial in securing building components to concrete platforms or foundations. Bolt components, including threaded studs, turnbuckles, U-bolts, J-bolts, L-bolts, and other structural fasteners, play an integral role in our daily lives as they are utilized in the construction of virtually every structure, including skyscrapers, stadiums, bridges, interstate signs, industrial light posts, and more. At Oster, we manufacture several bolt threading machines that produce high-performance steel bolts for structural applications. Our easy-to-use machines utilize industry-leading dark thread-cutting oil to ensure perfect threads for every bolt.

High-Performance 792ALX Pipe & Bolt Thread Cutting Machine

On smaller sizes 2” and under, our rotating diehead 792ALX is an anchor bolt and structural steel bolt industry icon. The rotating diehead provides several improvements over conventional threading machines when producing structural steel fasteners. The production speeds are significantly increased because the spindle continues rotating between workpieces. On a conventional bolt threading machine or a CNC lathe, the spindle must be stopped to remove the previous workpiece and insert the current workpiece. Additionally, the rotating diehead allows for the threading of already bent J-bolts or L-bolts, which helps to prevent damage to already cut threads in the handling and bending process.

Anchor Bolt Threading Machines Vs. CNC Lathes for Structural Bolt Threads

Our high-capacity machines, including the 784 and 716, are equipped with heavy-duty dieheads that can thread up to 4" structural steel fasteners in a single pass, surpassing the performance of CNC lathes that attempt to produce the same threads. The operation of an Oster threading machine is also straightforward compared to a CNC lathe, requiring no specialized training or operator certifications, helping to lower operating costs. In larger sizes, using five dies to make the cut reduces strain and wear on the threading dies compared to dieheads that employ only four dies.

Oster’s Anchor Bolt Threading Services for Construction, Manufacturing, & More

For over 120 years, Oster Manufacturing has provided quality threaded fasteners to customers in the industrial market. We provide bolt threading machines for customers in a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, chemical processing plants, and more. Oster Manufacturing's heavy-duty pipe and bolt threading machines produce threaded fasteners with precise specifications that meet even the most demanding industries’ needs.

Choose Oster Threading Machines for Your Structural Steel Bolt Threading Needs

Oster Pipe & Bolt threading machines are high-quality, American-made machines designed to last. They are built to withstand the rigors of a production environment for decades and are backed by excellent support. Oster machines are easy to operate and highly productive, and they can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

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