Oster Bolt Threading Machines for Anchor Bolts

Bolt Threading Machines – A key tool for Anchor Bolt Manufacturers and Structural Steel Fabricators

Anchor bolts are widely used in modern construction processes to secure building elements to concrete platforms or foundations. Combined with structural steel bolt components such as threaded studs, turnbuckles, U-bolts, J-bolts, L-bolts and other structural fasteners these pieces are seldom thought about items that are an integral component of our daily lives. They are used in the construction of almost every skyscraper, stadium, bridge, interstate sign, industrial light post and more. 

Oster produces a number of bolt threading machines that are useful in the manufacture of structural steel bolts. Our larger capacity machine such as the 784 and 716 have heavy duty dieheads capable of threading up to 4” structural steel fasteners in a single pass, dramatically outperforming a CNC lathe trying to produce the same threads. The operation of an Oster threading machine used to produce anchor bolts and structural steel bolts is also much simpler than a CNC lathe. No special training or operator certifications are required. With 5 dies making the cut on larger sizes the strain and wear on the threading dies is reduced when compared to dieheads using only 4 dies.

Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines Used in Manufacturing Structural Steel Anchor Bolts 

On smaller sizes 2” and under our rotating diehead 792ALX is an icon in the anchor bolt and structural steel bolt industry. The rotating diehead allows for a variety of improvements over a conventional threading machine when producing structural steel fasteners. Firstly the production speeds are greatly increased because the spindle continues rotating between work pieces. On a conventional bolt threading machine or a CNC lathe the spindle has to be stopped in order to remove the previous work piece and insert the current work piece. Additionally the rotating diehead allows for the threading of already bent J-bolts or L-bolts which helps to prevent damage to already cut threads in the handling and bending process.

No matter your structural steel threading application Oster has a machine that is up to the task. If you would like more information about our machine capabilities or to inquire about a specific model please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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