Oster Pipe & Bolt Threading Machine User Guide – Introduction

This Manual is published for people involved in using Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines. We hope that it will serve as a ready reference for troubleshooting, threading machine setup, selection of materials etc. We suggest that new Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine operators read this manual before attempting to operate threading equipment. Those already familiar with the operation will find valuable information as well.

Chaser type threading machines are an accepted, common, reliable method of developing either straight or tapered threads on most materials. Because it is so universally accepted in industry, we tend to forget how complex the operation really is. Successful threading operations involve the control of all the component parts of a complex system. This system includes the machine, the material, the cutting fluid, the operator and the chaser. All parts of the system are related, and if one changes or gets out of control, the result is often rejected parts. This manual attempts to put each part of the system in perspective, and to inform the user of chaser-type threading devices on how to optimize each part for successful threading operations.

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