Oster Manufacturing Company - Museum of the History of Oster Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines

History of Oster Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

Our heritage is extremely important to us. Our history is our inspiration and as such we try very hard to preserve the legacy of Oster products and past employees in our Museum of Oster History.

In the Foyer

Oster Museum Foyer

Here you can see several obsolete Oster machines as well as our memorial board for those who have passed or retired and an original company photo from 1928.

Machines from left to right are the Oster 1054, the Oster 142 Featherweight Champ, Oster 54A Tool and the Oster No. 16 Geared Die Stock.

Closeup 142 and 105

A closer look at the 105 and 142 Featherweight Champ.

Oster Museum Foyer Power Boy 764

Left: An Oster 412 “Power Boy” Right: An Oster 764 Autochuck Threader

Oster Power Boy

A closer look at the “Power Boy” patented in 1916

Original Oster Patent

First Adjustable Oster Die Stocks with patent.

Original Oster Patent Closeup

A closer look at the patent, which was signed by Herman Oster and witnessed by Henry Ford.

Inside the Museum Prime

Inside Oster Museum

A glimpse inside

Old Oster Photographs

We’ve preserved as many of the old photos as we can to line the walls, here you can see several pictures of the old factory floor.

Oster at an Early Tradeshow

Some images from an early Manufacturing Technology Show in Cleveland, Ohio.

Oster 521 and 512

Left: Oster 521, 1st Rotating Diehead Threading Machine, 1920 Right: Oster 512 with Stationary Dieheads, 1920

Oster Museum Display Cabinet

Our display cabinets, each shelf contains a decade of Oster History

12 Decades of Oster

1893 – 1899

Oster Museum Display 1893 Oster Museum Display 1899

1900 – 1909

Oster Museum Display 1900 Oster Museum Display 1909

1910 – 1919

Oster Museum Display 1910 Oster Museum Display 1919

1920 – 1929

Oster Museum Display 1920 Oster Museum Display 1929

1930 – 1939

Oster Museum Display 1930 Oster Museum Display 1939

1940 – 1949

Oster Museum Display 1940 Oster Museum Display 1949

1950 – 1959

Oster Museum Display 1950 Oster Museum Display 1959

1960 – 1969

Oster Museum Display 1960 Oster Museum Display 1969

1970 – 1979

Oster Museum Display 1960 Oster Museum Display 1979

1980 – 1989

Oster Museum Display 1980 Oster Museum Display 1989

1990 – 1999

Oster Museum Display 1990 Oster Museum Display 1999

2000 – Present

Oster Museum Display 2000 Oster Museum Display 2019





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