Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines for Industrial Applications

Our heavy-duty pipe and bolt threading machines are used throughout all industries and applications. From manufacturing facilities to pharmaceutical plants, most every industrial application requires precision threads to connect and/or secure various components together. Oster supplies bolt and pipe threading machines that maintain the highest level of durability and consistency in even the harshest of environments.

Oster Manufacturing has catered to numerous industrial applications throughout our 130 year history. Not only are our pipe and bolt threaders built to excel at nearly any task, they also require zero CNC training or certification to operate, allowing for lowered labor costs and increased productivity. Refer to the information below to find the threading machine best suited to your industrial application. Contact us with any questions.

Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines Used in Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities require long-lasting equipment built to withstand the most rigorous environments. Oster pipe and bolt threading machines are designed to cater to any manufacturing requirement, capable of creating all major thread forms and servicing a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, red brass, cast iron, PVC, and more. Common applications include:

  • Black steel & galvanized steel pipes for installation in fire sprinkler systems
  • Anchor bolts & structural steel used in construction applications
  • Decorative and plated pipe for commercial shower and light fixtures

Our flagship pipe and bolt threading machine, the Oster 792ALX, is specially designed to meet the quality and safety requirements of the manufacturing industry. With high production rates at a low entry cost, the 792ALX is capable of producing up to 200 threaded ends per hour and cutting both right and left hand threads in a single pass.

Pipe & Bolt Threading for the Oil, Gas, & Energy Industries

From gas lines to cooling towers and transformers, threaded components are essential for energy production. Our reliable machines are used to create components that meet the premium thread requirements set by the American Petroleum Institute, among other quality standards. Oster threading machines can be used to create parts for:

  • Fracking pumps
  • Propane tanks
  • Power plant components

Pipe & Bolt Threading for the Agricultural Industry

Steel grain bin with anchor bolts

From harvesting crops to managing livestock, the agricultural industry requires a variety of equipment and heavy duty machinery to ensure food security for nations around the world. Oster pipe & bolt threading machines have been used to create a number of threaded components for agricultural applications, including but not limited to:

  • Weather resistant pipes for field irrigation and filtration systems
  • Threaded shafts for grain wagons and silos
  • Bolts used in harvesting equipment and other heavy duty machinery

Pipe & Bolt Threading for the Chemical Processing Industry

Due to the nature of the materials handled, the equipment used at chemical processing plants must be highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and capable of withstanding harsh temperatures and operating conditions. Whether connecting, redirecting, or closing off chemical processes, Oster pipe threading machines can produce the high quality threaded components needed for any chemical application, including:

  • Heat transfer lines
  • Pipes used for evaporative cooling and/or drying
  • Distillation, separation, & mixing components

Our threading machines are compatible with the materials required for most chemical instrumentation components, including corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel and brass for sanitary applications.

Pipe & Bolt Threading for Medical Facilities & Pharmaceutical Plants

Disruptions to systems used in hospitals and other medical facilities can cause critical downtime, interrupt staff productivity, and interfere with patient care. Often operated around the clock, secure connections for gas and liquid pipelines are integral to ensuring the safety of both patients and staff in medical facilities. Examples include:

  • Fluid transfer tubing
  • Pipe fittings used in gas and oxygen supply systems
  • Sanitary pipe fittings for the pharmaceutical industry

Thread Machines for General Commercial & Industrial ApplicationsLinkage parts for lawnmowers

Pipe and threading machines are also used to make components for a number of other commercial and industrial applications, including but not limited to:

  • Linkage parts for snowblowers
  • Threaded bars to hold casting patterns together
  • Components used in institutional facilities

The Oster Industrial Pipe & Bolt Threading Advantage

Threading machines are used in any application that requires a secure connection between two components. While CNC lathe machines can also be used to create threaded parts, Oster threading machines work faster and more reliably. Plus, they have the added advantage of producing more threads quickly than any other type of machine on the market. Trust Oster to meet all standards of production including:

  • Quality: All products are made in the USA, meet required industry standards, and use only the highest quality materials available.
  • Longevity: Our products are built to last for generations. When they do finally begin to wear, they can be easily rebuilt and resume operating for decades more.
  • Reliability: Quality is our #1 priority. Our stock of threading machines requires few if any repairs over their entire lifespan.
  • Support: Oster provides unparalleled customer service, long after your transaction is complete.

Leading Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Threading Machines Built to Last

Interested in investing in a threading machine for your industrial application? Oster Manufacturing can help you find exactly what you need and deliver it to you on time. Whether ordering from our extensive variety of in-stock products, or requesting a custom machine, we can provide you with a pipe and/or bolt threader ready to tackle all your project needs. Contact us for help finding the machine best suited to your industrial application. Request a quote today to get started. 

Let Us Answer Your Custom Applications or Technical Questions

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If you’re interested in a machine or tooling for a non-standard threading application, we are happy to consult with you on the project. We can create custom engineered solutions to make your project idea a reality. We also manufacture a variety of custom tooling for special projects and keep them in stock for you. Never wait for tooling for a difficult project again.

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