Decoding Bolt Thread Sizes: Exploring UNC and UNF Standards

Understanding bolt thread sizes, specifically UNC (Unified National Coarse) and UNF (Unified National Fine), requires delving into the distinctions between threads per inch (TPI) and thread pitch. TPI serves as the measurement for bolts and other fasteners under the imperial measuring system, determined by the number of threads per inch. In contrast, metric bolts are evaluated based on their length and pitch, which represents the distance between threads measured in millimeters.

By grasping these fundamental differences, you can navigate the intricacies of bolt thread sizes with confidence. UNC and UNF standards play a crucial role in determining the compatibility and performance of fasteners, ensuring optimal fit and functionality.

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What is The Difference Between UNC Threads & UNF Threads?

Unified Thread Standard

The Unified Thread Standard was established in 1949 by the United States, Canada, and Great Britain to define standards for fastener threads based off thread form, allowances, tolerances, and specific designations. The designations provided under this series factor in both TPI and thread pitch, with UNC & UNF being two of the most common designations used.


UNC stands for unified course pitch threads whereas UNF stands for unified fine pitch threads. UNF threads are distinguished by having more threads per distance than UNC threads. While both UNC and UNF bolts are used for fastening, they are often applied in different fields due to their unique advantages.

For example, the coarse threads on UNC bolts are incredibly versatile and resistant to damage, making them the standard choice for most lower-tolerance, general purpose applications. On the other hand, the fine threads on UNF bolts give them higher tensile strength, making them useful for machine part assembly and other high precision applications.

NC Thread Profiles


Unified NC Thread Profiles

American National

American National

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