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Oster Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

The OSTER line of pipe & bolt threading machines has been serving the industrial world for more than 115 years. In that time our complete line of power threaders and pipe tools has grown and adapted to suit the needs of an evolving industrial world, resulting in several classifications of OSTER machinery. There are currently three classes of machine within the OSTER line; Portables, Stationary and Obsolete.

Oster 792ALX Pipe & Bolt Threading Machine

Portable Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

OSTER portable threading machines are generally rugged lightweight models which thread up to 2 inch pipe and bolt. Our OSTER portable threading machines are the most practical solution for work needing to be done at the jobsite and are excellent in the shop as well.

Stationary Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

OSTER stationary threading machines are heavy duty floor mounted machines that are designed for production and thread up to 12 inch pipe. OSTER stationary threading machines are High production and High power, built to deliver performance that will last several decades.

Obsolete Pipe & Bolt Threading Machines

OSTER obsolete threading machines are still out in the field and in the shops running day in and day out delivering solid performance, but have been officially replaced by newer models. Here at OSTER we strive to keep all of our machines doing their job and working for You, and many parts are still available and kept in stock for these tried and true performers.

For more information on any of our lines and a full list of OSTER pipe & bolt threading machines and specs please click on one of the links in the upper right section of this page, and be sure to check our Oster Refabrication section for information about getting a Brand New Factory Rebuilt OSTER Power Threader to suit all of your threading needs.