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"OSTO" - Oster's Superior Threading Oil

Don't Be Fooled by Inferior Products!

Many products claim to be the ultimate in cutting fluids but don't be fooled. Radial thread-cutting is not your run of the mill operation. Because our machines are so simple to operate it's sometimes easy to forget about the complex forces involved in radial thread-cutting. Water soluble cutting solutions do not work and neither will those funky new clear "oils" you might see on the shelf elsewhere. A heavy-duty operation requires a heavy-duty cutting fluid. For quality threads and longer die life - Always use "OSTO." Call your distributor TODAY!

No. 95125 - 2.5 Gallon Jug

No. 95105 - 5 Gallon Bucket

No. 95155 - 55 Gallon Drum

Benefits of using "OSTO"

The Purpose of Good Thread Cutting Oil

The purpose of a good cutting oil is two fold: (1) To prevent chip welding and in turn prevent breaking teeth and (2) to penetrate the pores of the pipe or metal and cool the cutting teeth of the dies or cutting edge of the tool while they are emedded in the work. Oster's Superior Threading Oil accomplishes both in the most efficient manner. It is a carefully compounded oil containing sulpher, chlorinated paraffins and special clinging agents held in permanent suspension. These chemicals in proper concentration work to both cool the work and to promote metal film lubrication which reduces chip welding. "OSTO" will outperform any synthetic because it has anti-chip welding agents and better adhesion to the material surface. The sulphur content of "OSTO" never varies because it is held in perfect chemical combination.